Name: Lynzie Wolters

Firm: New York Life

Location: Roseville, CA

AUM: $3.1 billion

Forbes Rankings: America’s Top Financial Security Professionals, Top Financial Security Professionals Best-In-State

Background: Lynzie Wolters grew up in Northern California and graduated from the University of Southern California Santa Barbara in 2006 with a major in communications. Her career started in the management training program at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It was in 2012, when her financial advisor sister, Crystal Kanada, brought her in as a client, that she first discovered her own passion for the business and decided to join as a partner. Both of their spouses were in law enforcement: “We realized there was a lack of education in this market for how to plan and prepare, especially with a lot of folks retiring earlier than they thought due to things like injury or politics,” says Wolters. They subsequently decided to laser focus their practice on working exclusively with first responders like police officers and firefighters. Wolters and her sister went national with their practice in 2022; They now have a full team of around 15 people and service over 3,200 clients.

Building Relationships: Wolters recalls how when first growing the business, it was crucial to be involved in the community by participating in projects and nonprofits that law enforcement officers cared about. “We did a lot of volunteering at the beginning mainly to just be present… We still do that to this day,” she says. That involves attending numerous conferences, charity events and on the life insurance side, more somber events like funerals. “All of our staff attend these events so they can understand what a day in the life of a law enforcement officer is like,” says Wolters.

Competitive Edge: “We really do believe our edge is the deep personal connection and understanding of unique challenges that our clients face on a daily basis,” says Wolters. “It’s all about strategies to help ease their concerns while at work.” Knowing a law enforcement officer’s typical financial concerns or habits allows her to tailor financial plans that address their specific needs, such as planning for early retirement or making sure their family is secure while on duty, she adds.

Investment Philosophy/Strategy: “Our philosophy has always been rooted in a protection-first approach,” says Wolters. “We believe we can grow investment strategies over time but it is essential to make sure client assets are adequately protected.” That means prioritizing insurance and other protective measures to safeguard against any unforeseen events that may happen. Investment strategies depend on client goals, but generally Wolters and the team prefer a well-balanced portfolio that is prepared to handle anything from tax risk to market volatility. “Typically, we use life insurance as a buffer asset to help in a down market,” says Wolters. “We also use tax strategies such as investments like Roth accounts in conjunction

with deferred compensation.”

Biggest Challenge: “The biggest challenge by far is scaling our operation to service first responders on a national level while still maintaining that personalized service and touch that has been the foundation of our success so far,” says Wolters. “Transitioning from a localized approach to a national one involves significant logistical planning, so it’s important to keep the long term vision of the business in mind.”

Best Advice: “Start planning as early as possible—setting yourself up for a solid foundation is crucial,” says Wolters.

Off The Clock: Favorite book is Former Navy Seal David Goggins’ memoir, Can’t Hurt Me, which she describes as one of the most inspirational books she has read.

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