I love people. Hanging out and talking business gives me energy. Having ideas and running thought experiments with inspiring founders is something I could do all day. Are you the same? If you can relate, your natural extroversion is a massive superpower, especially when you’re running your own business. Every new deal, opportunity and breakthrough can come as the result of someone you met and got to know. Deal flow comes from people flow.

Use your natural extroverted nature to your advantage with these ChatGPT prompts. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

ChatGPT prompts for extroverts: maximize your people powers

Meet more people

Given that it lights you up, meet as many people as possible who are relevant to what you’re trying to achieve. Future clients, partners and suppliers are just one conversation away, and you can meet them anywhere at any time. Use this prompt for suggestions of who to meet online to grow your business, then seek them out and say hello.

“Help me identify and connect with potential clients, partners, and suppliers who are relevant to my business goals. My business is [describe your business], and I am looking to grow by meeting new people in [specific industry or field]. Provide suggestions on the criteria I should search with to find these people online, and suggest the platforms on which they might be hanging out.”

Be the organizer

Everyone wants to meet more people, hardly any take the leap and do the organizing. Most deem it too much effort. But with your extrovert powers, this can easily be you. Tell ChatGPT your preferences for suggestions of what you organize. Get the structure, the format, and ideas on the venue. Send the message out and see who turns up.

“I want to organize a casual networking event that aligns with my interests and business goals. Here are my preferences for the event: [describe your interests, preferred format, and potential venues]. Suggest event structures, formats, and venues that would attract the people who match the criteria we just outlined. Draft an approach message to invite them, clearly stating what’s in it for them.”

Connect everyone you know

You don’t always need to be there to make an impact. Become a master connector to access benefits beyond your available diary space. Get your favourite people to meet your other favourite people, so they connect and collaborate in whole new ways, giving you the credit in the process. Use this prompt with ChatGPT Voice, describing your connections and letting ChatGPT match them up.

“I have a network of contacts in my industry and I want to introduce some of them to each other in relevant ways. Help me identify potential collaborations and partnerships among my connections. When you’re ready to receive the information, say “let’s go!” Then I will use ChatGPT voice to describe each contact along with their business. When you have heard about them, suggest who I should introduce to whom for mutually beneficial opportunities.”

Keep a personal CRM

Be memorable by remembering. After hanging out with someone, open ChatGPT Voice and record a short voice note about your chat. Include what you discussed and key things in their life. When you see them next, revisit the notes on the way there so you can pick up where you left off. Recount everything that matters to them and ask them about it. Build your own personal CRM with ChatGPT.

“I just spent time with [name] and I want to tell you what we talked about. I’ll record a voice note with the details. When I have provided this, give me a summary and key details of the meetup so I can easily recall important information later. After this, provide a template for recording future notes, so I can record them to a consistent structure. When you’re ready for the information, say ‘let’s go.’”

Be clear on your message

Your outgoing, confident and friendly nature will mean people listen to what you have to say. Make the most of this opportunity by being intentional about your key message. Don’t promote multiple products or straddle multiple businesses. Define your goal and talk about it in different ways. Whether you’re growing your startup, raising investment or looking to overcome a specific challenge, include it in every conversation for consistency and results.

“Assist me in crafting a clear and consistent message when talking about my business. My primary focus is [describe your goal, e.g., growing a startup, raising investment, or overcoming a specific challenge]. Help me develop talking points that I can use in conversations to effectively communicate my goal and attract support from people I meet and spend time with.”

Success as an extrovert with ChatGPT: 5 prompts to try

It’s well documented that people buy from people. Being a natural extrovert has handed you an ace card: you get energy from people. Don’t waste this winning hand. Every new business relationship comes as a result of meeting and getting to know someone, and lucky for you this is your jam.

Meet more people online by coming up with criteria, then be the organizer and get to know them in person. Connect everyone you know for the benefit of all and keep a CRM so you don’t forget the important details. Get clear on what you share and why to give purpose to every interaction. Extroverts never go out of style.

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