Huma Abedin, former aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is engaged to Alex Soros, son of billionaire liberal donor George Soros.

The duo revealed the news Wednesday on Instagram, writing: “This happened…we couldn’t be happier, more grateful, or more in love.” Soros proposed to Abedin in late May after less than a year of dating, according to Vogue.

Abedin, 47, and Soros, 38, are both familiar names to anyone who follows politics and business.

Abedin has worked with Hillary Clinton at the White House, Senate, State Department and in her private life for several years. She was previously married to Anthony Weiner, the former Democratic congressman who went to prison for sexting with a minor in 2017, the same year Abedin filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, Soros leads the Open Society Foundations and political action committee, a charitable organization that donates to liberal causes. His father, George, is worth an estimated $6.7 billion, according to Forbes and has given more than $30 billion to his foundation.

The pair met last fall at a “mutual friend’s birthday party, where they quickly discovered their mutual interests in politics and public service,” Vogue reported. They’ve made several public appearances, including this year’s Met Gala and at a White House state dinner.

Vogue notes that Soros will be stepfather to Abedin’s son from her marriage to Weiner. A wedding date wasn’t announced.

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